Just a quick post in memoriam of two influential figures in my life.

Hunter S. Thompson was a fucked-up dude, but the man could write. And oh, did he write! Political intrigue, conspiracy theories, and lots of drugs (not my thing, FYI) – they were all part of his oeuvre, and his writings in Rolling Stone were always worth the price of admission.

John Raitt had a helluva singing voice. Sure, most folks know him as the father of Bonnie Raitt, but he was so much more. He could sing so well, and had such a command over the stage, that he awed me. In a former life, I was in the pit orchestra for many musicals, and Raitt’s performance of “Hey, There” in The Pajama Game was one of the most sublime vocal performances in the history of musical theatre.

Two incredible voices, both will be missed.