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Day: September 10, 2005

nola: karen hughes is a hack

Karen Hughes, “image czar” for BushCo, says that it was “the looters” that had a greater impact on the lowering of the U.S.’s image abroad, not the failure of leadership of President Bush, Michael Brown, Michael Chertoff, etc.

Hmm. Seems that everywhere I look online, it’s the BushCo fumble that’s drawing mostof the ire of people in Switzerland. And England. And France. And Germany. And India. And Japan. And…

Just as she was during her short tenure as White House Press Secretary, Karen Hughes remains a two-bit hack.

Atlanta Journal Constitution: “Image Czar Says Looting Shocks World Opinion”

dems: oppose all bush scotus nominees

A quick message to all Democrats who are in positions to make a difference:

Stand in the way of John Roberts and all other Bush Supreme Court nominees!

Stand in the way. Filibuster. Oppose. Obstruct. Hold press conferences. Outflank the theocons.

Above all: stand your ground. If Frist unveils the “nuclear option,” let him. There are other ways to fight on that will aggravate the Republicans even more.

Don’t kow-tow. Don’t roll over. Don’t be apologists. Let the Republicans whine. Let them have tantrums. Reveal them for the petulent idiots they are.

But don’t back down. Lieberman, Reid, Landrieu, and other centrist Dems: you are on notice and will not be forgiven in 2006 and beyond if you compromise.

want more proof that theocons lie?

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) released a statement yesterday that lambasted congressional Democrats for “voting against [a] $52B disaster relief package for Katrina survivors.” 65 Democrats were singled out by this release.

The only problem: the statement was an out-and-out lie.

In fact, the only members of congress to vote against the $51.6 billion package were 11 Republican congressmen. While there were some fairly meaningless procedural votes where Democrats tried (and succeeded) to limit pork-barrel amendments to the bill, all congressional Dems voted for the relief package – all of ’em.

I simply love seeing the theocons self-destruct in times of crisis. I only wish they didn’t control the executive branch.

Salt Lake Tribune: “Matheson Rejects GOP’s Rebuke”

fun at rfk

Due to a last-minute ticket swap with our friend, Kathy, sprite and I were able to go to tonight’s Nationals-Braves game at RFK.

The game was quite a treat. Atlanta got off to a hot start, scoring two runs in the second inning and adding another four in the fourth. The Nats added a run here and there, once evening up the score at two all. But it took until late in the game for the Nats’ bats to come alive. Frank Robinson subbed in a plethora of pinch hitters, and the Nats eventually clawed back to win, 8-6.

So it gives Gary Masziewski a rare win, and Chad “The Chief” Cordero his 44th save of the year. It was a ton of fun, and I’ll have pictures up at Flickr in the next day or two.

mmmm… food references

Possibly the best time-waster I’ve seen in a while – especially if you’re a fan of The Simpsons: The Simpsons Archive: Food Index.

(As seen at Slashfood)

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