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Day: September 19, 2005

random: monty python character

One of England’s best exports is Monty Python. Thus, you might as well figure out the inevitable: what Monty Python character are you?

quick hello from andover

Good morning from Andover!

The wedding was superb, though we drove like rally champions to get there on time – an accident on the M5 motorway made it difficult, so we made it to Coombe Lodge (with sprite’s navigation skills – wonderful, though I was quite stressed) just in time. Granted, we only heard the first half of the ceremony, but it was most wonderful.

We saw Stonehenge this morning, which was fairly cool. Today we get a guided tour of Andover with sprite’s grandmother, who hails from the town. Then it’s on to the south coast, then London.

By the way, the shoulder is holding up well – even through some rather athletic dancing, as well as some swinging of young children (“swing me higher, Rudi, higher!”).


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