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Day: September 21, 2005

seaside rendezvous

Ah, another internet cafe – this time in Bournemouth, on the southern coast of England.

We spent a couple of days in Andover with sprite’s extended family. It was a treat, though quite the workout – I seldom ever have “critical mass” family gatherings, and this one featured a lot of people! But it was fun.

Saw Westminster Cathedral yesterday – breathtaking! A bugler played in a rememberance ceremony for war dead (WWI), and the sustain of the notes in the huge space of the hall was simply awesome.

We also saw the new “Pride and Prejudice” last night, which was a treat (though I did nod off a couple of times during the film – congestion in the head took its toll, I guess).

I’m now battling a mild head cold (see aforementioned comment on congestion) – nothing bad, but I’ll try to keep it in check, all the same.

(And yes, the title references a song by Queen, from their A Night At The Opera album – had to be done, what with all the promenades, arcades, piers and such down here at the shore.)

On to London – can’t wait!

Ta for now!

random: english stone circles

Hey! It’s the fall equinox! While you try and balance eggs on end, ponder the wonder of English stone circles.

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