I tried using the DC court’s “automated deferral” system to reschedule jury duty. When I read that the system was “automated,” I assumed that it meant 24-7 availabiliy, both on the web and on the phone.

I tried their website, which is listed as an option on the juror form. No dice: page won’t load.

I then tried their phone-based system. I was dumped into their after-hours voicemail system, which says that the automated deferral system is only available during regular business hours.

What the?!?!?

What’s the point in promoting tech and automation when it’s only available during regular business hours? Such ineptitude – paid for with my tax dollars.

I don’t mind paying taxes, but I want ’em put to good use. From the complete non-function of this system, I’d say they’re wasting my money.