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Day: January 29, 2006

workout log: 29 january 2006

Activity: crunches
Location: home
Quantity: 100
Type: anaerobic

Couldn’t drag my butt out onto the bike before the rain set in. It was a day where I couldn’t win: the weather would clear, then cloud up again, then clear. Whatever. I’ll get a ride in on Wednesday evening.

cd playback 2006: day 6

More fun, and more stretching of the term “alphabetical order.” As sprite says, “iTunes alphabetizes by first name” – can’t argue with that (much).

I: Acoustic Soul – India.Arie
J: Honky Chateau – Elton John
K: Evolver – The Kennedys
L: Imagine… All The Outtakes: The Alternate Album – John Lennon
M: Ladies Of The Canyon – Joni Mitchell

cd playback 2006: day 5

Some late night listening – though the first disc today was started in the early evening, paused, then finished later on.

G: David Gilmour – David Gilmour
H: Beware of ABKCO! – George Harrison

Again, a ROIO is chosen, as a lot of ’em have happened to join the collection over the years. It’s what fandom will do to a person….

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