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Day: March 13, 2006

music: david gilmour live show on bbc2

For those friends of mine who want a little Gilmour fix: BBC Radio 2 has a live David Gilmour show available for streaming on its website.

It’s a great show, about an hour long, and showcases some of his new work along with a few Floyd nuggets. In particular, it’s fun to hear his reworking of “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” as a semi-acoustic number, and to hear Rick Wright sing Roger Waters’ part on “Comfortably Numb.” And the new Gilmour songs (from On An Island) are quite strong too, sounding even more “Floydian” than, say, anything on A Momentary Lapse Of Reason.

So for those who have tickets to one of Gilmour’s gigs, it looks like you’re in for a helluva show!


(P.S. – I’d be remiss if I didn’t note the fact that Roger Waters will be touring this summer in the EU, and that Nick Mason will be joining him for performances of The Dark Side Of The Moon – so it’ll be half of the Floyd touring during the spring, another half during the summer.)

skiing in ’06-’07

So I haven’t gotten to the slopes nearly as often as I’d prefer this season. And with the warm weather afoot, most resorts in the Mid Atlantic are throwing in the towel, getting rid of the more-or-less local options.

Not that I’ve made the extra effort to go skiing at any of the local haunts.

It’s all my own fault: I just wasn’t motivated to go to the nearby resorts of Liberty, Whitetail or Routdtop (all in Pennsylvania), nor to the reasonably close resort of Massanutten, Virginia. A lot of it had to do with the mental perception that no snowfall in DC meant sketchy conditions in south-central PA and western VA. While this may or may not have been true (and it’s hard to tell, even from trip reports on DC Ski), I fell into the same trap as a lot of city-dwelling skiers: no local snow must mean terrible skiing at the locals.

But something I always realize is that any skiing is better than none. So while I may bitch and moan about not getting out to ski, it’s my own damn fault.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to squeeze in a weekend trip to Utah before the end of their season (and it continues to snow out in the Rockies, resulting in some of the best conditions of the year at most resorts in Utah, Colorado, Nevada, California, Wyoming and the Pacific Northwest), which would be a plus. But I realize that I thwarted my own ski season this year.

There’s still a chance to get to some of the local areas this weekend, so I might take a little road trip. And the following weekend I’ll get some turns under my belt in Vermont or New Hampshire.

Next year I hope to be a bit more forward in terms of getting out to the local areas – though I do hope that next winter is a bit more cold and snowy than the winter of ’05-’06 here in the DC area.

cd playback 2006: days 17 & 18

More music o’er the weekend:

D: Poems, Prayers & Promises – John Denver
E: This Is Me – Eddie From Ohio
F: Fleetwood Mac – Fleetwood Mac

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