The best time to go celebrity watching at the “Social Safeway” in Georgetown seems to be between 9:00 and 10:00 pm.

I happend to be at said Safeway around 9:30 this evening and ran into a couple of political “celebrities”:

Running into the former at the “Social Safeway” isn’t uncommon, as Evans lives a few blocks from the store. However, running into a Supreme Court Justice is probably a bit more rare.

And Justice Alito was a very nice guy. We mused over canned produce, and he was just another shopper in the store. I wished him luck with his new career – the only thing remotely “political” during our brief conversation – and we moved along, two shoppers in a supermarket. (After all, I had to make it back home by 10:00 to see Monty Python on PBS, so making it through checkout with my 6 items was of utmost importance.)

If anything, Justice Alito reminded me of many college professors: his jacket and slacks didn’t match (navy blue and black, respectively), his hair was a bit dissheveled, and he hemmed and hawed over which item to select (store brand vs. a more well-known label). To him, grocery shopping is just another part of normal life, something he’ll experience less and less as time goes on.

So that is the story of my post-class celebrity sighting at the “Social Safeway.”