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Day: March 19, 2006

workout log: 19 march 2006

Activity: road cycling
Location: Washington, DC > Kensington, MD
Distance: 24.8 miles
Duration: 1:36
Weather: clear and sunny, 48 degrees
Avg HR: 150 (max: 170)
Type: aerobic

Definitely not the springlike temperatures of last week, but a good riding day. The wind was somewhat gusty, which made for some handling challenges (I’m 6′ 4″, so I’m high-profile, no matter what). But I got some more good base miles under my belt, and the sun felt really, really nice. The hills are getting easier again, which is a sure sign that the winter cobwebs are being shed. And seeing the daffodils in bloom is always a nice scenic distraction.

The shoulder feels downright normal again on the bike, which is such a relief. This is the first post-injury ride where it’s felt normal, and where my back feels balanced after the ride (due to favoring the right arm). Another hurdle cleared – yay!

My next ride will be sometime after the 26th, as I’m heading to New England on Tuesday night. I’ll get some skiing in, though, so that will be a good workout. And I’ll certainly walk around a lot – Boston is a great walking city.

first post from new mac

Today (that being Saturday), sprite and I went on a shopping excursion to Virginia to get her a new iPod. She had one of the first-generation 5-gigabyte models – the ones with the mechanical scrollwheel – and it finally met its maker when the hard drive died a couple of months back. So we went to the Apple Store in Pentagon City to get her a new iPod using my higher-education discount.

sprite is the proud owner of a gleaming white 30-gigabye iPod video, as well as a USB charger and a lexan case to protect it from errant sharp objects.

Mac mini in The BurrowAnd I’m the proud owner of a Mac mini with the new Intel Core Solo processor. It’s the base model (and truly the base, with no extra RAM, hard disk, etc.), but it’s a screamer compared to our old, trustworthy iMac G3, which is a great machine for reading email and surfing the web, but a wee bit sluggish when working with iPhoto, Photoshop or any web development software. So the new Mac is a nice upgrade in almost every respect.

I also picked up a Princeton VL1918 LCD flat-panel monitor, which hooks up to the Mac mini via a DVI connector – digital video all the way, baby!

So now there are two Macs running side-by-site in the burrow. We have accounts on both machines, so we can work on whichever one is available at the time.

I’m still thinking of a name for the new arrival. Any suggestions?

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