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Day: March 21, 2006

baseball: petulant players and strong bosses

During the off-season, the Washington Nationals acquired Alfonso Soriano from the Texas Rangers. In Soriano, Nationals general manager Jim Bowden saw a marquée player who could hit the long ball and bring fans to RFK Stadium.

The problem: the Nats want Soriano to play in left field, while Soriano wants to play second base, his position throughout his MLB career.

Looking at the facts, Soriano is probably a much better outfielder than infiedler. His defensive skills at second base have always been questionable, and he’s got the speed to get around the outfield quite well. So Nats manager Frank Robinson, one of the best in the sport, tells Soriano that he’s going to play left field, while all-star José Vidro takes his usual second base position. Seems that all is well with the world, right?

But somehow, being paid far too much money to play a kid’s game tends to bring out big egos and playground mentality. In other words: Soriano refuses to play in the outfield.

I have two words for Alfonso Soriano: grow up!

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paper done, cleaning… not so much

The big paper for class is done (save for a final proofing).

The apartment cleaning needs some work.

And it’s late.

But we have a cat-sitter – a great one, at that.

And I need sleep, as there is a full day of work, a class, and a drive tomorrow.

Oh yeah – and cleaning.


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