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Day: March 29, 2006

rule #4,554: don’t spill cooking oil…

…all over the kitchen when trying to tranfer said oil into a multi-layered plastic bag for disposal.

Now I know what those bodybuilders feel like. And after a shower to get it all off of my hands, legs and feet, I wonder: how do those people do it? How do they wash all that stuff off that often without being driven insane?

starting next week: the tuesday ride

It’s a sure sign that spring has arrived: the return of the Potomac Pedalers Tuesday night “Downtown Breakaway” ride.

This ride is a staple of my cycling here in DC, and though I have classes ’til 6:00 on Tuesdays (until mid-May), I’m gonna meet up with the group along the way. The ride leaves from the Dupont Circle area at 6:00, so I should be able to intercept ’em up in the Palisades area. It’ll be great to see these folks again – haven’t seen most of ’em since my shoulder injury.

The first ride will be short, due to the early sunset. But as the days grow longer, so does the ride – and so does my fitness level.

I can’t wait!

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