Activity: road cycling
Location: Georgetown, DC > Alexandria, VA > Dupont Circle
Distance: 19.5 miles (mostly flat)
Duration: 1:15
Weather: sunny, 67 degrees
Avg HR: 145 (est.)
Type: aerobic

Happy May Day! And what better way to celebrate by taking an impromptu ride after work? This was mostly just a nice jaunt – I didn’t bring any cycling shorts with me, so it wasn’t the most comfortable ride, clothing-wise – and a way to celebrate a gorgeous day. I was on my mountain bike, which is currently in commuter mode: slick tires w/kevlar belts, front fender, rear rack w/rack trunk pack. I got to ride casually, and got to enjoy my clipless cycling sandals, which are extra comfy on a sunny day. I also saw a lot of nesting ducks and geese along the way, along with a few turtles. I also stopped briefly to watch airplanes take off from DCA. Tomorrow’s PPTC “Downtown Breakaway” should be great.