Activity: road cycling
Location: West Friendship, MD > Dupont Circle, DC
Distance: 47.5 miles (hilly)
Duration: 2:47
Weather: sunny and breezy, 75 degrees
Avg HR: 157 (max: 175)
Type: aerobic

A lovely afternoon ride from the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival to The Burrow. I did a portion of this ride last year, and this year I kicked it up a notch: I used Gmaps Pedometer to plot out my route, typed up a cue sheet, and that was that. It turns out that I have decent taste in road selection: mostly backways with hills and lovely scenery (e.g. forests, deer, beaver ponds, horse pastures). The bit between Goshen and Kensington was a bit more suburban, with more traffic, but most of the ride was most pleasant.

The last third of the ride was a bit odd, as I had to help sprite with some car troubles (flat tire not too far from the festival), but she should be on the road soon. That put a 25 minute break in the action, so the last third felt somewhat like a new ride. I managed to make it home just before sunset.