Activity: road cycling
Location: Dupont Circle > Bethesda & Glen Echo, MD
Distance: 32.2 miles (rolling hills)
Duration: 1:59
Weather: mostly cloudy, 70 degrees
Avg HR: 154 (max 171)
Type: aerobic

A ride before running errands, and to get one in before the weather turns ugly for the next few days. Heading out of DC on the Capital Crescent Trail, I was harrassed by an off-duty Nat’l Park Service Ranger who bitched at me for not giving warning before passing, even though I had – twice. He, of course, was riding two abreast and wearing headphones – both even more blatant violations of the trail rules, in my opinion. He chased me for a while and wanted to pick a fight (turning beet red in the process, as he was very out-of-shape), so I veered off onto residential streets and carried on with an improvised ride through the neighborhoods of Bethesda and Glen Echo. I made sure to mix in lots of hills, just to keep things interesting. I was perhaps a little bit under-hydrated going in, so I drank most of my two 27 oz. bottles along the ride. I slowed down for the last four-or-so miles to admire the wildlife along the C&O Canal: baby Canada geese, cormorants and turtles.