Bike To Work Day 2006 - Freedom PlazaI awoke this morning to the sound of rain (and the sound of Della pawing at the window to “greet” her friend, the rain) and groaned: would this be like last year’s Bike To Work Day, where it rained buckets and I rode the bus, instead?

Fortunately, the rain fell at 6:00 am, and I didn’t leave for Freedom Plaza until 8:00 am. By the, the skies had cleared, the sun was out, and the roads were mostly dry. I got to my destination by 8:10, and was greeted to the sight of hundreds – if not thousands – of cyclists of every shape, size, color and dress. They were all noshing on bagels, or getting their BTWD t-shirts, or grabbing tickets for the raffle, or listening to speeches by cycling advocates, politicians, or the all-cyclist choir.

I then rode to work, rode to my office’s unofficial BTWD lunch (crépes – yum!), and rode home. It did rain at lunchtime, but otherwise it was lovely cycling weather.

And it makes me 19-for-19 for rides in the month of May – and I’m at the 310 mile mark for the month, too.