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Day: May 20, 2006

workout log: 20 may 2006

Activity: road cycling
Location: Dupont Circle > Kensington, MD
Distance: 20.5 miles (moderately hilly)
Duration: 1:17
Weather: sunny, 73 degrees
Avg HR: 162 (max 183)
Type: aerobic

A fast and fun ride in gorgeous weather. On the ride up Beach Drive, I averaged 21.5 mph – nice and quick, considering it’s all uphill. I was close to my lactate threshhold, with my heart rate up near 180 for the 3.5 mile stretch. Saw deer, a fox and some rabbits, as well as many different birds. People were riding horses in Rock Creek Park, which is always cool to see.

my $0.02: a victory for lamont, a victory for ct dems

Just a quick opinion about today’s events at the Connecticut Democratic Party convention, where Ned Lamont won over 33 percent of the delegates to force an August primary against Sen. Joe Lieberman.

Lieberman is seeking his fourth term in the U.S. Senate, and is known for being a moderate hawk who receives as much support from Republicans as Democrats, if not more. Due to this, and the fact that Sen. Lieberman is an unabashed supporter of the Bush administration’s misguided efforts in Iraq, Lamont launched a grassroots campaign to challenge the incumbent for the Democratic nomination.

The fact that Lamont received the votes of over 1/3 of the delegates at the convention shows that his candidacy has momentum. For the first time in many, many years, Sen. Lieberman has a legitimate challenger from within his party, which has forced him to actually campaign and address Connecticut issues to help maintain favor with the voters.

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