So after getting the mini running again (and tracking down most of the files from various sources), both sprite and I went to bed far too late.

Y’see, she had a plane to catch this morning, so we set our alarms for 6:15 am to get her out of the house by 6:45. Her alarm went off fine. Mine…. was set to 6:15 pm.

Grrrr…. #$%@#%@!

So when I sat up with a start at 7:00 am, I managed to get both of us out of bed, and she was on her way to Union Station by 7:15.

Then she missed her MARC train to the airport, thanks to infrastructure problems at the station. And she missed her flight. So now she’s on standby for a later flight which she may or may not be able to get. So I may end up making a trip to the airport.

And I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck. And they’re predicting thunderstorms this afternoon and evening, when I was planning to go on a ride. Ugh. This is just not my Thursday.