Activity: road cycling
Location: Dupont Circle > Candy Cane City, MD (Rock Creek Park)
Distance: 14.6 miles (moderately hilly)
Duration: 0:53
Weather: sunny, 85 degrees
Avg HR: 154 (max 183)
Type: aerobic

A quick jaunt that got me home just in time to see the exciting finish of the Indy 500 (a tip ‘o the hat to the Andretti family for finishing 2-3 today – incredible). It’s hot today, and my right knee felt funky, due to the fact that my seatpost slipped a couple of millimeters – an easy fix, no harm done. The smells of Memorial Day weekend filled Rock Creek Park: BBQ as far as the eye could see and the nose could smell. Did some quick and intense hill work on the ride, taking queues from Wil’s hilly jaunt yesterday. Tomorrow’s ride will be a scorcher: a morning ride to Poolesville that will be either 63 or 79 miles, depending on how early a start I can get (I’m heading out to see Bruce Springsteen in Bristow, VA, tonight).