Activity: road cycling
Location: Dupont Circle > Poolesville, MD
Distance: 74.4 miles (hilly)
Duration: 4:08
Weather: overcast, windy and humid, 69 degrees
Avg HR: 162 (max 183)
Type: aerobic

Well, I said that I’d be picking up the slack this weekend, right? So what better way to do that than on a PPTC ride – in this case the “Suburban/Rural Adventure” ride that officially started just past Glen Echo, MD, though I started at The Burrow. The extra miles were a good warm-up on a blustery morning (the rain held off, thankfully). In addition, I rode faster than the posted ride speed (with the blessing of the ride leader – it was a B/CC ride, and I rode at a BB/A pace), which was good for me, especially given the hilly terrain. I felt really great on the hills out near White’s Ferry, ones that were challenges for me last year, and I had a lot left in the tank at the end. So a century ride is totally within my grasp this month, provided I can find one to do (I’d rather do something organized, if possible).