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Day: June 14, 2006

stein dems shoot selves in foot

Okay, why in the name of everything that’s good about the District of Columbia did the Gertrude Stein Democrats endorse Linda Cropp for mayor?

Did they not notice that Cropp doesn’t believe that the LGBT population should have the same rights as heterosexual couples? Are the Stein Dems not only acknowledging the “gay ceiling,” but reinforcing it? Is one of the longest-standing LGBT advocacy groups in the District officially throwing in the white rainbow flag?

There are three candidates for the Democratic nomination (and, by virtue of the electorate in DC, the actual office) who support civil unions – and, in some cases, full marriage – for lesbian and gay couples: Marie Johns, Adrian Fenty, and Michael Brown. An endorsement of any of these three would’ve been the strong choice: one in favor of making the LGBT population a full member of society in all areas.

Alas, they went with the candidate who, according to a gay acquaintance of mine, “gives great hugs… kind of like grandma.” Whatever – let the blood run from the wound in the Stein Dems’ feet. After all, the gunshot came from them.

This is typical of the cronyism that runs rampant through the Gertrude Stein Democratic Club, and a key reason that I refuse to join such a sad excuse for an advocacy organization. An organization that purports to be a strong defender of a marginalized population, yet supports candidates who support the status quo, is one that has absolutely no relevance or purpose.

cycling pet peeve: improper use of aerobars

photo by Luc Claessen/www.ctm-images.comIf there’s one thing that creates heated debates among the road cycling set, it’s aerobars.

You know: the things that all triathletes use, the bars that likely made the difference in Greg LeMond’s 1989 Tour de France win?

The thing is, I love the concept: being able to cheat the wind, remaining aerodynamic on your bike while still having control over your ride. If setup and used properly, aerobars can be quite the perk.

But it seems the most of the riders I ride with who have aerobars simply don’t know how to properly use them.

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