Activity: road cycling
Location: Dupont Circle > Bethesda, MD (Capital Crescent Trail)
Distance: 15.9 miles (mostly flat with gradual hills)
Duration: 0:56
Weather: hot and humid, 86 degrees
Avg HR: 154 (max 171)
Type: aerobic

A quick evening jaunt to get the legs moving again. Last night’s “Downtown Breakaway” was cancelled due to the record rains that the District (and The Burrow) endured over the weekend: it was still raining quite steadily yesterday evening. So tonight I went out between 7 and 8 pm, just looking to get some miles on the bike before Saturday’s epic ride (it’s within 5 miles of century distance). The LeMond, while heavier than the Seven, felt much more “at home” to me, and it was quite spry. The Crescent Trail had been cleared of any major obstacles (a few trees had fallen and some mud swept over the trail in spots), and there weren’t many people out, other than some runners. The treat was the abundant raspberries that grow along the trail, and they’re just beginning to ripen – yum! I also found another fan of the berries: a young deer, a buck with velvet-covered antlers.