Activity: road cycling
Location: Dupont Circle > Seneca, MD
Distance: 64.1 miles (moderately hilly)
Duration: 3:40
Weather: hot and humid, 86 degrees
Avg HR: 161 (max 184)
Type: aerobic

PPTC “Real Ride From The Real City”…. led by me! My first time officially leading a PPTC ride, and it was great! We had good turnout on a day that dawned foggy and sticky. And luckily for us, the cloud layer was overhead until about mile 40, so it wasn’t as draining as it could’ve been. Leading a ride takes a lot more energy, as you need to be very actively aware of your riding group, of the traffic, etc. I had to keep people in line (literally, so we wouldn’t block cars on narrow roads), and even had to race ahead to reel in folks who went ahead without cue sheets (and thus didn’t quite know where we were going). I’m glad it was a BB group I was leading, as I had to shift into full-on A mode to catch up with ’em. Folks on the ride liked my style of leadership, and they’re glad that I’m leading a similar ride in August.