workout log: 18 july 2006

Activity: road cycling
Location: Dupont Circle > Potomac/Avenel, MD
Distance: 34.7 miles (moderately hilly)
Duration: 1:57
Weather: hot and humid, 96 degrees
Avg HR: 164 (max 184)
Type: aerobic

PPTC “Downtown Breakaway” ride. Terrible turnout due to the heat index, which was close to 105. I rode strong, stayed hydrated, all good. Ended up riding with a former teammate from my old mountain bike racing team back in Utah. Saw a driver hit a Canada goose with his car and laugh about it, which incensed me to the point where I raced after him, threw my bottle at his car, and yelled at him for being a heartless asshole. I also pointed a DCPD officer his way (as did another driver shortly thereafter). If not for the current crime wave in DC, the DCPD should set up a speed trap at the District line, as they guy was doing close to 50 mph in a 30 mph zone. I still have a hard time clearing the image of a suffering goose from my mind.