Activity: road cycling
Location: North Hillsdale, NY > Great Barrington, MA > Copake, NY > Hillsdale
Distance: 43.2 miles (very hilly)
Duration: 2:45
Weather: warm and humid, 84 degrees
Avg HR: 164 (max 186)
Type: aerobic

The one really good ride I was able to get in while at Falcon Ridge Folk Festival. This was a great ride: it started out with a 1 mile grind over a 5 percent grade that was consistent. Following some rolling hills, the fun began: a 1.65 mile climb with an average grade of 6.5 percent (and a 500 meter long section that hit 11.5 percent), then a second. 1.1 mile climb (after 2/10 of a mile of slight downgrade) averaging 4 percent. After a nice stretch of mostly level riding on a high, forested plateau, there’s a quick switchback descent (11.5 percent average, with one stretch hitting 15 percent – yikes!), into Bash Bish Falls State Park, which has lovely forests and a newly-repaved road where I hit 45 mph on the descent (average grade of 8 percent). The rest of the ride was fairly simple: some more hills (small), a stop for some Tour news and some Boca burgers (which would become tacos back at camp). All in all, a great ride.