Activity: road cycling
Location: Dupont Circle > Hains Point
Distance: 19.2 miles (flat)
Duration: 1:03
Weather: overcast and blustery, 73 degrees
Avg HR: 155 (max 182)
Type: aerobic

Some laps around Hains Point, done partly because I felt the need for a ride, partly because it’s gonna rain cats-and-dogs for the next day or two. And Thursdya nights are “sprint nights” for most of the local cycling teams, so it’s easy to find a good, fast paceline or two.

I wore my baggy Pearl Izumi mountain biking shorts (note to self: wach cycling shorts), which gave me a very “tourist” look. It had some of the guys in their team kits snickering. However, I ended up falling in with the fastest group and even paced a couple of laps at 27-28 mph – so much for their snickering when I was able to give ’em a good pull! By the end, they were asking me what team I rode for, so I guess I impressed ’em.

The ride to and from the point was stop-and-go, and I took my time on the way back to enjoy the view from the foot of the Lincoln Memorial steps. As the city was getting dark, the lights on Lincoln, as well as on the Washington Monument, were quite impressive.