Some random thoughts this Friday night:

I realize that I need more sleep, but I’m such a night owl that it’s tough to get the message across to the rest of my system. But I need to get up early to trek out to Warrenton, VA, for a PPTC ride. Such is the price I pay to ride with folks I like….

Last night’s Pink Martini show was simply wonderful. It’s the second time I’ve seen them perform, though it was sprite’s first time. Seeing them this second time allowed me to appreciate the fullness of their sound. Of course, two things likely contributed to that kind of observation:

  1. Lisner Auditorum is much, much larger than The 9:30 Club; and
  2. They had an additional musician this time around (a violinist)

But it was a great show. They performed a few new songs, all of which were fun (including one that sounded almost “mainstream” in its arrangement and delivery). And in case Luny is reading this: Gavin sounded great, and looked sharp as well….

Tomorrow night I’m going to see Roger Waters out at Nissan Pavilion. Should be a fun show, as he’s playing the entirety of Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side Of The Moon for the second act. Given that I’ve seen David Gilmour’s post-Waters version of the Floyd perform the album back in 1994, it’ll be fun to compare. Maybe I’ll watch my video of that ’94 show before I head out to the venue….

There are new “Monthly Crush” postings out at Selective Service. This month’s crush topic: protest songs. Featured artists include Waters, Pink Floyd, R.E.M., Dylan and others. Check it out….