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what? a funny snl?

Finally, an episode of Saturday Night Live that was actually funny!

Of course, it helped that Hugh Laurie was the host. He’s a talented comic, and he was able to prop up the other SNL cast members whenever he was on stage.


  • The monologue was perfect: warm, friendly (you can call me “Sweet Cheeks”), and totally abandoned the “we have a great show…” setup line – a ballsy manoever (yay, UK spelling!), given Lorne Michaels’ rather tight formula.
  • Hugh’s protest song was terrific, and summed up the problem with the majority of modern protest songs: they can spell out all the world’s ills, but can’t prescribe a solution.
  • Tim Calhoun on Weekend update!!!
  • The Hardball sketch where Howard Dean challenged Ken Mehlman to a fistfight – classic.

And a special note should be paid to the “cold open”: having Borat appear live on U.S. network TV is really gutsy. He’s a very un-PC character, and his entire monologue likely left a lot of overly-sensitive viewers infuriated, aghast, and ready to call their local NBC stations in protest. Sure, some of his lines – heck, most of his lines – were over the top, but that’s the schtick. And even the closing credits had Borat kissing Hugh Laurie’s crotch – again, on live TV.

And one more thing: Beck’s two songs were great, and the synchronous puppet show was… different, to say the least.

random fri… er, saturday thoughts

Haven’t been on a bike since last Saturday. I’m itching to get back on, but I know that my ribs need to mend. If it’s any consolation, it doesn’t hurt (much) to cough anymore. And I should be ready to go when next I lead a PPTC ride….

Congrats to the St. Louis Cardinals – and a big congrats to David Eckstein, who deserved the World Series MVP award. I’m glad that MLB didn’t cave and give it to Albert Pujols, who is a big money-maker for the bean counters….

I love Forefox 2! It’s faster than version 1.5, and really purrs on both the G5 at work and the Intel Mac at home. And most of my key plug-ins are working well – another big bonus….

So Borat will be on Letterman on Monday night – that’ll be a thing to behold!

two weeks off the wheels

So I went to Connecticut for the weekend. I had a great time, too: a fun bike ride in the wind, a visit to O’Rourke’s Diner, a great dinner out with sprite and Karen, a fun wedding, a trip to Outhouse Orchards, tons of beautiful foliage, and an early (time-wise) drive back to DC.

However, at the wedding, I had a bit of a slip (note to self: leather-soled shoes and carpeted floors enforce laws of inertia) and gave my ribs a good whack. While nothing is broken, they’re in need of some R&R. So, on the advice of my doctor, I need to lay off the bike for a couple of weeks to let things mend.

It’s a drag, but it could be worse. I’ll be back on the bike soon, and I’ll be ready for ski season.

And a break from riding will only energize me to ride more!

workout log: 21 october 2006

Activity: road cycling
Location: Middletown, CT > Northford, CT
Distance: 28.3 miles (moderately hilly)
Duration: 1:42
Weather: clear, cool and breezy, 56 degrees
Avg HR: 155 (max 185)
Type: aerobic

A wonderful, if wind-riddled, ride around my old stomping ground in Connecticut. The ride went well, though I forgot my shoes back in DC. So I bought a new pair of shoes: the Shimano SH-R103B, with a carbon-reinforced sole and in a stylish blue that happens to match the color of my LeMond’s frame. I’d planned on riding for 50-or-so miles, but the wind made it much more of a workout. The foliage in central and south-central Connecticut is beautiful right now, too.

habeas already dying

Read it and weep.

Bush sold our country up the river – the terrorists have won.

should i live the dream?

sprite found this ski area for sale in Vermont. It has everything: a lodge, lifts, a groomer, snow guns, rental equipment, a fully-equipped kitchen – the works.

If only I had $2 million to burn right now….

moved to tears

Never in my life have I been moved to tears – of sadness, anger, passion – by a broadcast journalist’s commentary.

Until tonight.

Keith Olbermann’s commentary on the Military Commissions Act of 2006 was the ticket. Olbermann, using tones not heard on the U.S. airwaves since the days of Edward R. Murrow, fired on all cylinders: damning the Bush administration for giving the terrorists a victory in suspending habeas corpus, and damning the American people for allowing such things to happen without resistance or question.

Crooks & Liars has video and a transcript of Olbermann’s masterwork – please take the time to watch, listen, read and, above all, think.

As President Bill Clinton said today at Georgetown University, there is a marked difference between those who live by philosophy and those who live by ideology. He pointed to the danger of ideologues, who believe they “have all the answers,” and “attack those who disagree,” rather than listen and engage in dialogue. He voiced hope that a common good – where leaders listen, think, learn and then act – will take hold again, starting with the election that’s 20 days away.

Olbermann, himself near tears, pointed out that the Military Commissions Act is the natural outcome of having an ideologue in power – something that’s technically no different than having a fundamentalist zealot, or a popular socialist, or a strident fascist in power.

And as Olbermann pointed out, Bush didn’t look too far into the future when he signed this legislation, as under a future administration, he and his cronies could be detained under its auspices. Perhaps that’s why Bush just bought a big parcel of land in South America….

So please: vote for reason on November 7 – and vote for philosophy, rather than ideology.

(P.S. – and be very wary of the Dems who supported this treasonous act. If you live in Connecticut, that means it’s even more important to send Joe home, and elect Ned Lamont. And if you live in Utah, please help end the reign of Orrin Hatch, and vote for Pete Ashdown.)

no, you’re not seeing things….

I’ve placed in a script or two that might “alter the furnishings” here a bit for the next day or so – just testing something.

no, mr. bush, the u.s. does not own outer space

“President” Bush signed an order today that prohibits other countries from using outer space for hostile endeavors, and gives the U.S. the power to stop said activities.

Never mind that Bush is one of the leading proponents of a space-borne missile defense system that is, in all fairness, a hostile use of space. So do as Bush says, not at he does – very pedantic, Mr. Bush. You might as well take the next shuttle or Soyuz up to orbit and start peeing all over the place to mark your territory.

Okay, fess up: who actually voted for this clown to be our president?

where the @#$% are sprite’s shoes?

So we’ve been turning The Burrow upside-down looking for sprite’s purple dress shoes.

Have you seen them? If so, please drop a comment here or on sprite’s blog.

Thank you.

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