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Day: November 4, 2006

lj outage….

One of my first blog-type online journals was at LiveJournal, a community that evolved out of a teeny-bopper base (“put your diary online!”) to become a diverse, thriving community that spans all age groups.

A few years back, I decided that I wanted to go the DIY route, and this blog was born.

Today, LiveJournal having a major outage, which sucks for my friends who have their blogs on the LJ servers.

So a shout out to them – hope your blogs come back soon!

the bike beckons….

I’m so glad that the week has come to an end.

There were fun times: seeing Flushed Away (which was excellent), handing in my grad application, House returning to the airwaves, watching Blackadder the Third tonight.

There were trying times: work woes, the DCDSC officer elections, lack of sleep (totally my own fault).

And now it’s the weekend – complete with the first freeze of the season.

There will be concert tickets bought (some great shows coming up at The Birchmere, and I have some gift certificate credit to cash in for them – yay!).

There will be movies seen (Borat tomorrow night – can’t wait!).

We’ll hang out with friends.

We’ll hit the farm market, and sprite will continue on her novel.

And the bike beckons, possibly on Sunday, for an easy spin. It’s been too long.

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