A short list of folks I’m supporting for Tuesday’s election – regardless of whether I live in their district or not.

Washington DC:
Mayor: Adrian Fenty (D)
Council – Ward 1: Jim Graham (D)
Council – Ward 6: Tommy Wells (D)
Council – At-Large: Phil Mendelson (D) and David Catania (I)

Notes: In the District of Columbia, the only races of these I can vote in are for Mayor and At-Large Council. In these races, I support all of the candidates wholeheartedly. I have my worries about Fenty as Mayor – he’s still quite lacking in experience and may be dragged over the coals by more entrenched DC politicos – but he should be fine. Mendelson and Catania are both well-respected and pragmatic leaders.

Governor: Martin O’Malley (D)
Senate: Ben Cardin (D)
Comptroller: Peter Franchot (D)

Notes: of these candidates, the only one I’ve met is Franchot, and he should be great. O’Malley will be a capable leader for Maryland, having overseen great growth in Baltimore during his tenure as Mayor. And Cardin is a great U.S. Representative who will make an equally great Senator.

Senate: none

Note: I can’t, in good conscience, support Jim Webb, the Democrat in this race. His past as a Reagan Republican who believed steadfastly in the “glass ceiling,” as well as his “Democrat by convenience” status in this race, make me question his ability to be a party player. While he’s many times better than George Allen, the Republican incumbent, I won’t rubber-stamp any candidate due to party alliance.

Senate: Ned Lamont (D)
House 1st District: John Larson (D)
House 2nd District: Joe Courtney (D)
House 3rd District: Rosa DeLauro (D)
House 4th District: none
House 5th District: none

Notes: Ned Lamont has run a rather disjointed and dirty campaign, much to my chagrin. However, he’s a much better choice for Senator than Joe Lieberman, who refused to abide his party’s primary and is running under the self-centered “Connecticut for Lieberman” party. Additionally, his steadfast support of the Iraq war, his selling out of the U.S. Constitution, and his chiding those who question “President” Bush were the true nails in his coffin. Lamont will be new and untested, but his heart is in the right place and he has much more to offer than just his anti-war stance (though his ad campaign has failed to address his depth on issues).

In the U.S House races, I feel that Larson and DeLauro have served well for the citizens of Connecticut. In CD2, Joe Courtney is a far better choice than Rob Simmons, who has perpetuated the failing military-industrial economy in New London County while continuing to assist in creating and expanding the presence of casinos as an economic crutch. He also sold out the Constitution – he’s got to go.

In CDs 4 and 5 I have no opinion on the outcome. Shays and Johnson, while Republicans, have served as crucial voices of moderation for their party, and have often sided with Democrats on key legislative bills. They are not infallible, though, having bought into the BushCo fear and petulance schemes like their GOP brethren. However, the Dem options have not shown that they bring anything truly better to the table, other than party labels. Thus, I can’t give any support to their campaigns.

Senate: Pete Ashdown (D)
House 2nd District: none

Notes: Utah needs Pete Ashdown. Sen. Orrin Hatch has sold out the ever-growing non-theocon ranks of the Utah populace, and while he’s brought home pork to his minions, he’s sold out their rights (the Iraq War, killing habeas corpus supporting two Supreme Court justices who have marched in lockstep with Bush and Cheney), eroded medical safety, and slashed funding for the schoolchildren of the state. Ashdown is smart, humble and articulate, and brings concrete ideas that are both moderate and progressive – a keen and necessary balance for the Beehive state. He isn’t likely to win, but he’s got a good base to defeat Bennett in 2008.

Rep. Jim Matheson is possibly one of the worst Democrats in terms of voting record when it comes to
selling out the rights of Utahns. He does little service to the legacy of Rep. Wayne Owens or his father, Gov. Scott Matheson. And while I hope he wins re-election, I can’t endorse his candidacy.