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Day: November 30, 2006

3511.3 miles

Just in case anyone was wondering. I broke 3500 on the way back from lunch.

I celebrated by taking a casual after-work spin down to Hains Point – not really worthy of “workout log” status. It was dark, and my headlight will need some recharging (I knew I’d be pushing it going more than a mile or two), but the weather was perfect: warm, calm winds, totally at odds with today’s date.

I wish I’d taken my camera with me, as the calm air made for a mirror-like reflection of the Washington Monument in the reflecting pool. That was worth the ride, without a doubt.


Sometime today, I’ll ride my 3,500th mile for 2006.

Given that I didn’t really start riding regularly until April, that’s not half bad. And November has been a terrible month for me getting out to ride, so December is actually looking more promising.

And I have a friend with whom I can ride in the early morning once per week, which will help keep the fitness level high through the darkest of the months (astronomically speaking).

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