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best ironically funny newscaster slip

Just heard from the lips of Fox 5’s Will Thomas:

“Yet another setback for the New York Nits…”

He meant to say “New York Knicks,” but “Nits” is not far off from the actual state of said team: they’re so pathetic as to be inconsequential in the NBA universe. The only role they can play is spoiler, given their pathetic quality of play, sub-standard player ethics, etc.

In other random NBA funnies: the Utah Jazz appeared (in “body” only) on tonight’s superb holiday episode of The Simpsons.

workout log: 17 december 2006

Activity: road cycling
Location: Dupont Circle > Potomac/Avenel, MD
Distance: 24.2 miles (moderately hilly)
Duration: 1:36
Weather: high clouds with sun, 43 degrees
Avg HR: 158 (max 176)
Type: aerobic

Activity: road cycling
Location: Dupont Circle > Hains Point
Distance: 23.2 miles (flat)
Duration: 1:12
Weather: clear at dusk, 60 degrees
Avg HR: 165 (max 171)
Type: aerobic

A two-fer riding day because of the glorious weather. The first ride was early in the morning, the latter at sunset. Felt good on both rides, though now I have a pain behind my right shoulder that’s most annoying. I think it’s due to sleeping in a funky position. Whatever – it was a great day to ride.

finally: photoshop for intel macs!

Adobe Labs delivered an early Christmas present to all Mac users who use Intel-based Macs: a beta release of Photoshop CS3. This new version is a universal binary, so it runs natively on both PowerPC and Intel Core systems, but the beauty is that I can finally run Photoshop at a decent clip on my Mac mini.

So far, the testing has revealed a very capable product. Launch times are quick, and all the tools run very, very quickly. Before I installed the CS3 beta, I was purposely running an older version of Photoshop – version 7.0.1 – to minimize any slowdown from Rosetta emulation. And while that was fine, I missed out on many of the improvements that make Photoshop CS2 such a great application. So now I have all of the cool tools without the speed penalty – what’s not to like?

Well, is there’s one gripe it’s this: the CS3 beta takes up a great deal of hard disk space, so it’s likely that I’ll need to install a new hard drive in the mini sometime in the not-too-distant future. Granted, I installed every available bell and whistle, so I could’ve whittled down the disk load a bit.

And this is a beta application, so there are bound to be a few spanners in the works. So I’m keeping Photoshop 7 installed on my mini, just in case, although I haven’t read about any major deal-breaker problems with this beta.

I’ll keep folks posted as my testing continues.

great party tonight

Had a fun time at Sarah’s party this evening. Hung out with many friends, enjoyed great food and drink, and wonderful conversation was had by all.

Now for some sleep….

workout log: 15 december 2006

Activity: road cycling
Location: Dupont Circle > Glen Echo, MD
Distance: 18.2 miles (moderately hilly)
Duration: 1:13
Weather: clear, cold and humid, 43 degrees
Avg HR: 158 (max 172)
Type: aerobic

Another pre-dawn ride with a PPTC buddy. The predicted socked-in fog never materialized, which was a good thing. But the lack of ambient light early in the ride made it akin to riding by feel: a bit disorienting, but very cool. The two of us will make this a regular ride on Wednesdays in the coming weeks.

a brief switch back…

I’ve put the old site theme into place while I try and figure out some funky behavior that’s happening with the darker theme.

So enjoy some retro vibes for December….

levi should sue

Levi Leipheimer is one of the most straightforward people I know. As a ski racer, as a pro cyclist, as a champion of animal rights, he’s a good person.

So why is it that the good people always get screwed over?

I say this because he signed a contract to race for Discovery Channel cycling in 2007. He was likely told that he would be the team leader for all Grand Tour events, such as the Tour de France. Levi had to be psyched: he could ride a leader for a team with remarkable depth, and was likely to be a full-on podium threat. He passed on offers from other top cycling teams to ride with Lance Armstrong’s old squad.

Yet two months later, Discovery Channel hired a new top-gun to lead their team: Ivan Basso, who won the 2006 Giro d’Italia before being implicated in the Operación Puerto doping case. This cost Basso the chance to ride in the 2006 Tour de France.

While Basso is one of the best cyclists in the world, so is Levi – and Team Discovery screwed him.

Then news broke on Friday that Discovery Channel Cycling will not be granted a ProTour license for 2007, which gets rid of Discovery’s automatic entry into all ProTour events – including the Giro, the Tour, the Vuelta and many, many other prestigious cycling events. The reason? Because Discovery signed Basso to their squad.

So Levi’s been screwed twice in the span of two months.

If I were him, I’d ask to be released from Team Discovery and sign with another top team, such as Team CSC, T-Mobile or Rabobank.

And if that wasn’t possible, I’d sue. Levi deserves better.

my namesake show

Tonight is the annual screening on CBS of my favorite Rankin-Bass special: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

It helps, of course, that he shares my first name (phonetically, at least). And I share some of his “misfit” self-confidence: as a kid I was never part of any one group, and that’s always been my way. I was tall and awkward, never really fitting in with the athletic kids. And I wasn’t the über-academic, either. I ski raced, yet I also had some of my best friends on the debate team. In college, I was part of student government, yet also a board member of the fringe film society.

Even now, I get along with many people, but I’m seldom ever a part of a single, identifiable “gang.” I still don’t quite fit in.

And that’s okay.

And that’s why I look forward to the annual broadcast of Rudolph. He’s a kindred spirit.

remembering john

“If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, then there’d be peace.” – John Winston Ono Lennon (9 October 1940 – 8 December 1980)


First snow over Florida AvenueTonight saw the first snow of the season in Washington, DC!

Granted, it was only flurries and won’t stick, but it’s SNOW!




And even better: the Blue Ridge Mountains should receive up to a foot of the flaky, cold goodness. That’s music to the ears of the local ski areas, whose snow guns have been going non-stop since the cold weather moved back into town. With a coating of white, the idea of skiing more-or-less sells itself.

So welcome, snow. Welcome, winter. You’ve been missed.

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