evidence of snow in dc

I Love! Snow!When sprite and I went out into the snow last night, we brought our cameras with us. The result is a slew of shots of…. well, snow!

It was a great night to be out in the falling snow, enjoying the squeak of the snow under foot, the crystalline shards of ice falling in scattered sway toward the freezing earth.

In fact, there’s even video evidence (10 MB QuickTime file) of our walk – enjoy!

(If you click on the photo, you can look at the Flickr photoset of the walk pics.)

8 thoughts on “evidence of snow in dc”

  1. Thank you for a lovely evening walk in the snow. It was very nice and peaceful, not unlike the city block.


  2. KEESHOND!!!!! Awwww!!! My boss had one of those – Miss Sarah 🙂 Heh – I’m glad I’m not the only one who makes a beeline for a Snow Puppy when I see one, or sings little songs about it…


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