random monday: tom and the brat

A birthday salutation to Tom Lehrer, songwriter, mathematician and satirist extraordinaire. Mr. Lehrer is one of the most gifted musical satirists of all time, and I’m often found humming the tune to “Poisoning Pigeons In The Park” when I need my day to pick up a bit. And any child of my generation will remember the power of “Silent E” and “N-apostrophe-T.”

. . . . .

Downtown BrattleboroOn my return drive from Vermont on Saturday, I was reminded of a town that I’d happily call home: Brattleboro, Vermont. The town is vibrant, with a great arts and outdoor scene. Main Street features a fun, old, art deco hotel and cinema (The Latchis), two bike shops, two bookstores (with two more just off the main drag), two CD/record stores, four outdoor outfitters, multiple restaurants, a food co-op, and tons of old New England character.

Brattleboro is close to many ski areas and a lot of national and state forest land, though it’s not far from major cities if I need an urban fix (Boston is two hours away, Hartford around 90 minutes). The town is pleasantly small-scale, without a lot of big-box intrusion (a very Vermont thing), and the people there are genuine and kind. It’s the kind of town I could easily call home after I grow tired of DC and need a change of pace and scenery.

Oh – and they have real winters there and know how to handle snow!

Stay tuned for the next installment of “places Rudi can see himself living after DC.”

2 thoughts on “random monday: tom and the brat

  1. Brattleboro is a very cool place – I have a second cousin (or maybe first-once-removed? I can’t keep those straight) who lives up there. I love VT in general, but the snow! AHHH! Likely too much for me.

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