Activity: road cycling
Location: Dupont Circle > Potomac/Great Falls, MD > Dupont Circle
Distance: 33.0 miles (moderately hilly)
Duration: 1:42
Weather: sunny, 79 degrees
Avg HR: 150 (max 177)
Type: aerobic

PPTC “Downtown Breakaway” ride. A good, spirited group showed up tonight. Five of us who rode at a AA pace added a few miles to our route by looping over to the Great Falls access road, which added a hill. I didn’t feel completely on my game tonight – I don’t think I had enough quality calories in my tank going into the ride – but I did okay. I’m still getting used to my new front wheel (a Mavic Aksium, for the curious), as it has a different ride quality than the old, stock LeMond wheel. But I like it.