Activity: road cycling
Location: West Friendship, MD > Dupont Circle
Distance: 51.4 miles (moderately hilly)
Duration: 2:51
Weather: overcast with rain, 60 degrees
Avg HR: 147 (max 179)
Type: aerobic

A solo ride from the Howard County Fairgrounds, home of the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. The ride featured some nice, tough climbs around Tridelphia Reservoir. The weather looked threatening, and the rain arrived about 20 miles into the ride. While it slowed me down a bit, it wasn’t a big deal. I also failed to note an important turn on my homemade cue sheet (the link is to a map of the intended route), but that was probably for the best, as I made it home not long before dark. The missed turn meant riding a stretch of Wisconsin Avenue in Rockville (boo) and a return on Beach Drive (yay).