Activity: road cycling
Location: Hains Point, DC
Distance: 22.5 miles (flat)
Duration: 1:05
Weather: warm and humid, 80 degrees
Avg HR: 151 (max 180)
Type: aerobic

A nice, post-work (and post-almost-being-turned-into-a-bumper-ornament) ride with a bunch of NCVC, Artemis and Route 1 Velo riders. The intervals were fast and competitive. I managed to take the lead on one lap, punching a sprint speed of 32.5 mph on one lap. It was a lot of fun, and the racing crowd was welcoming. The weather was an early taste f summer: warm and humid. Keeping hydrated was key. Many tourists were visiting The Awakening, the statue of a rising giant, before it is moved across the Anacostia later this summer.