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four little political rants

Some food for Friday morning:

  • Rep. Tim Boehner (R-OH) shouldn’t be so quick to mention the potential of genocide in Iraq when he (as well as most of congress) has done virtually nothing to address the current genocide in Darfur. Look at what already exists and your woeful inaction before trying to hold the concept hear and dear, Rep. Boehner.
  • Mayor Fenty’s recent decision to lift drivers license testing restrictions for senior drivers smacks of political pandering at the expense of the safety of DC’s residents. Yes, Mayor Fenty has been a go-getter from the start, but pandering to the senior voting bloc doesn’t impress me one iota.
  • The Pope has as much business talking about how U.S. politicians should think as I do about how the Vatican should color its drapes: none. I’ve seen enough theocracy back in Utah, thank you very much.
  • The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) won’t hold any relevance as a rating source for me so long as they exclude the views of single people, people without children, non-heterosexual people, and non-conservative people. The MPAA is one of the more negative legacies of Jack Valenti.

Happy Friday, folks!

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