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Day: May 21, 2007

holy tense endings, batman!

Just finished watching the season finalé for Heroes, and…. wow!

I’ll put the rest below the cut for those who haven’t yet seen the show.

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cycling in may 2007: week 3

The data for week three:

* 10 rides
* 118.3 miles

And for the month so far:

* 27 rides
* 384.4 miles

Didn’t do any big rides this past weekend – too much on the plate (including work on Sunday), but it was a nice week of riding.

workout log: 21 may 2007

Activity: off-road cycling
Location: Georgetown > Great Falls (C&O Canal Towpath)
Distance: 28.8 miles (flat)
Duration: 1:54
Weather: sunny and pleasant, 73 degrees
Avg HR: 145 (max 165)
Type: aerobic

A wonderful post-work ride on the C&O Canal Towpath. I went all the way out to the Great Falls Tavern, which is a typical turnaround point for the Tuesday night road rides. The National Park Service has done a lot of trail work, so a formerly rugged (and impossible to ride) section is now boardwalk-enhanced – nice. I saw lots of wildlife:

  • four nesting pairs of Canada geese with goslings in varying stages of maturity, from tiny to gettin’ big
  • many turtles of all sizes
  • spawning bass
  • seven blue herons
  • two night herons, which look like penguins when they’re sitting on logs
  • a wood duck with five tiny, puffball-sized ducklings

I wish I’d taken my camera – the ducklings were adorable.

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