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holy tense endings, batman!

Just finished watching the season finalé for Heroes, and…. wow!

I’ll put the rest below the cut for those who haven’t yet seen the show.

Well, “Volume One” is now complete. And what did we learn?

  • Claire is a tough chick.
  • HRG is a tough dude – and very much Claire’s real father (and Noah, eh?).
  • Mama Petrelli is bad news – and who knows what she’ll be up to in “Volume Two”?
  • Shaft Charles is an interesting character – and how did Peter see him? Totally cool, though – shut ‘yo mouth!
  • Nathan Petrelli finally shows that he’s got heart – thanks to a little intervention from Claire.
  • Good to see Mohinder come around in the end – thanks to Parkman
  • Niki and Jessica seem to be on the same page now…. maybe.
  • Molly and Micah might be BFF after his slick “calling the elevator” move.
  • Hiro is, as Ando says, a bad ass.

And it leaves questions unanswered:

  • Did Peter and Nathan survive?
  • Did Sylar survive – the bloody trail leading to the manhole is ominous.
  • Hiro is now back in the 17th century, and in the midst of some ancestral feud – what up with that?
  • Mama Petrelli is presumably still out there – what becomes of that?
  • And what of Mr. Nakamura?

I can’t wait for “Volume Two: Generations” to premiere this fall! Congrats to Tim Kring and company for putting together 23 episodes of compelling, well-written TV on a broadcast network!

Along with the season finalé for Numb3rs, this is the best ending of the season.

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