Activity: off-road cycling
Location: Georgetown > Great Falls (C&O Canal Towpath)
Distance: 28.8 miles (flat)
Duration: 1:54
Weather: sunny and pleasant, 73 degrees
Avg HR: 145 (max 165)
Type: aerobic

A wonderful post-work ride on the C&O Canal Towpath. I went all the way out to the Great Falls Tavern, which is a typical turnaround point for the Tuesday night road rides. The National Park Service has done a lot of trail work, so a formerly rugged (and impossible to ride) section is now boardwalk-enhanced – nice. I saw lots of wildlife:

  • four nesting pairs of Canada geese with goslings in varying stages of maturity, from tiny to gettin’ big
  • many turtles of all sizes
  • spawning bass
  • seven blue herons
  • two night herons, which look like penguins when they’re sitting on logs
  • a wood duck with five tiny, puffball-sized ducklings

I wish I’d taken my camera – the ducklings were adorable.