Activity: road cycling
Location: Somers, CT > Palmer, MA > Amherst, MA > Northampton, MA > Westfield, MA > Somers, CT
Distance: 87.6 miles (moderately hilly)
Duration: 5:01
Weather: sunny, 73-83 degrees
Avg HR: 145 (max 177)
Type: aerobic

A self-designed ride in the hills of Massachusetts and Connecticut. The hills only really played a role in the first third of the ride, with some good, steep stretches with 10-13 percent grades that went on for 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile. Otherwise, it was a lot of rolling, scenic terrain. My initial route plan was short and a bit more hilly, but a dirt road put the kibosh on that (note to self: Google Maps don’t note dirt roads all too well). But the improvised replacement was totally worth it. I’ll post a map on MapMyRide soon.