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Day: May 29, 2007

cycling in may 2007: week 4

The data for week four:

* 6 rides
* 141.1 miles

And for the month so far:

* 33 rides
* 525.5 miles

The week featured one big ride on Sunday in the hills of west-central Massachusetts. Other than that, the Tuesday “Downtown Breakaway” ride and some commuting filled the time. Two more May days to go.

home… home again

And it’s only, what, 3:44 am?

Piece of cake.

Actually, the drive home was fairly easy, if very late to start and end. Got to hear all but the opening minute or two of the Jazz-Spurs game (and the Jazz played like crap in the 4th quarter – ugh). And, as with the drive north, the traffic was minimal.

I’ll post a workout log soon, as I did a wonderful 87.6 (or so) mile ride on Sunday. For now: sleep for… umm… 3 hours or so.

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