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i went, thanks to sprite

sprite rules.

She convinced me to quit worrying about the bag (citing the example of a friend of ours who has lost her wallet numerous times in NYC, only to have it return fully intact every time) and go to the Polyphonic Spree show.

So I did.

Yes, I missed the first few songs, but the whole thing was lovely. The band is really worth seeing in a live setting: they feed off the audience’s energy, make a lot of eye contact, and really have a great time doing what they do. Their show is never on auto-pilot, and the amount of joy in the sounds is infectious.

It really was a great pick-me-up. They even made Nirvana’s “Lithium” an ode to joy – no small feat, given it’s one of Cobain’s downer tunes.

And when I returned: sprite was at home waiting for me!


back from utah

I’m back.

I left my bag (with all of my clothes, bike included, as well as some other stuff) in the cab.

I know that cab company, but not the cab number.

DC has no central dispatch for cabs, nor does Union Station (where I obtained the cab).

I went to Union Station and tried to find a way to get in touch with the cabbie – no central dispatch, no lost-and-found.

I called the cab company, which doesn’t have central dispatch on weekends.

I’m mad at myself that I forgot the bag.

I’m mad at the city that it doesn’t have a central dispatch for cabs.

I’m mad at Union Station that it doesn’t have any central dispatch for cabs.

I called other cab companies, so I know where the bag might turn up. It does have identification in it (my street address and email), so there’s an off chance that I’ll get it back sometime before 2008.


What a day.

At least mom is on the mend and I’m back in DC.

But I’m missing The Polyphonic Spree because of my fruitless search to find my bag.


on may 16….

As sprite posted on her blog, there’s a meme going ’round. So, in a bout of needing to find a mental distraction from cleaning, here goes.

The rules: You go to Wikipedia and type in your birthday (only month & day). Then you write down 3 events, 2 births, 1 holiday, and then you tag 5 friends you hope that pals post on their blogs/journals or leave comments with their own results.


  • 1568 – Mary Queen of Scots flees to England.
  • 1836 – Edgar Allan Poe marries his 13-year-old cousin Virginia.
  • 1929 – In Hollywood, California, the first Academy Awards are handed out.
  • BONUS: 1966 – The Communist Party of China issued the “May 16 Notice”, marking the beginning of the Cultural Revolution.


  • 1801 – William H. Seward, United States Secretary of State, bought Alaska at 2 ¢/acre (d. 1872)
  • 1913 – Woody Herman, American musician and band leader (d. 1987)


  • Teachers’ Day in Malaysia.

workout log: 25 june 2007

Me and my rideActivity: road cycling
Location: Emigration Canyon, UT
Distance: 20.2 miles (hilly)
Duration: 1:20
Weather: sunny, 58-70 degrees
Avg HR: 143 (max 171)
Type: aerobic

A quick, early morning ride up Emigration Canyon into a stiff headwind. Managed to ride the canyon in 29:55, regardless, so I’m definitely in shape to break my personal record before I leave SLC (barring calamity, naturally). I managed to get a flat 1.2 miles from home while traversing the University of Utah campus, so I walked the remainder of the distance to home (not counted in the mileage total).

kitchen almost done!

I’m very close to having an accessible kitchen ready for mom – yes!

And one quick contrast between DC and SLC: SLC has much better independent coffee houses than the District. They are plentiful, hold their own against Starbucks (i.e. they aren’t run out of town by them), the prices are better, the quality of coffee is better, and the free wireless is a norm. Also, the baristas don’t flinch at oddball orders, and can usually pull ’em off with flair.

DC’s coffee folk should come out here on a fact-finding mission – they’d learn a ton.

Tomorrow morning I head out for a sunrise ride before taking mom to PT. Should me nice and brisk – I knew I brought the arm and leg warmers for a reason!

just a quick vent

I need a vacation after all of this.

The weather is so hot that it’s nigh-on-impossible to get anything done around the house. Aside from mom’s bedroom, the whole place is very, very warm. Even the little swamp coolers are proving somewhat useless to combat the heat. It’s supposed to break tomorrow Monday, which will be a welcome dose of relief.

And I need to remember to keep eating and keep hydrated – I hit a bit of a wall today, which wasn’t pleasant.

Doing the cleaning solo is a lot harder. The motivation level is a lot lower, with nobody to talk with as I clean. Sure, I could work on mom’s room, but there’s the concern that she’ll want to interrupt the proceedings.

But I’ve been able to talk with her about all kinds of things, which is good. Her hip and leg are getting stronger every day, and her appetite is quite good. She’s also looking forward to the further stages of recovery, though I need to remind her that it’s one day at a time for these things.

I’m ready to come home, but I won’t be back in DC for another week. I managed to change my return flight without any trouble, which is a big relief. And I’m sure that the next week will fly by, and that there’s a high likelihood that I won’t finish every task I’ve planned. Such is life.

Regardless, I’m glad that I came out and that the surgery happened in the first place. And I’m glad that things in the house are getting better.

And I can’t wait for a real vacation. Even work will seem like relief after all of this.

workout log: 22 june 2007

Activity: road cycling
Location: Salt Lake City > Kaysville > Salt Lake City, UT
Distance: 62.5 miles (one big hill at the beginning, otherwise flat)
Duration: 1:28
Weather: sunny and warm, 83-86 degrees
Avg HR: 139 (max 173)
Type: aerobic

A long ride on a hot day. The first bit of the ride was a big hill (up to 11th Avenue and across the mouth of City Creek Canyon), but the rest of the course was essentially flat. This route followed the Cycle Salt Lake Century route, which is well-marked and primarily follows side streets. Saw a cool miniature coal-powered locomotive in Farmington, and gave a kid’s lemonade stand some business.

It’s a bit too hot in the kitchen to do anything – even the portable cooler doesn’t make a dent in things. So tomorrow morning is “finish the kitchen assault morning,” before the heat sets in.

yes, i’m still alive

Still in Utah, still writing from a local coffee emporium.

Mom’s recovery is going well, and the house cleaning is going along as well as it can. Mom is getting around well on crutches and she’s getting more and more mobile every day. The house is also becoming more crutch-friendly every day.

I’m keeping afloat. I’ve been out riding twice since arriving in Utah, and I’ll ride some more in the coming days. It’s a nice break, and while sprite has returned to DC, I’ve got little windows of time to go out and ride. Such is life.

Off to grab dinner and return home. I hope to get mom online soon – that’ll improve things quite a bit. She’s got the laptop, and I’m going to teach her the ways of the computer and the internet over the next week. Wish me luck!

workout log: 19 june 2007

Activity: road cycling
Location: Emigration Canyon, UT
Distance: 24.2 miles (hilly)
Duration: 1:28
Weather: sunny and warm, 83-86 degrees
Avg HR: 147 (max 180)
Type: aerobic

Another ride from mom’s house to the top of Emigration Canyon. I only did the single canyon because of time restrictions. And due to construction that stopped me twice during my ascent, my time to the summit was slower (33:33) than on the 17th. I’ll post pictures from this ride soon – I actually remembered to take my camera with me.

workout log: 17 june 2007

Activity: road cycling
Location: Emigration and East Canyons, UT
Distance: 30.6 miles (hilly)
Duration: 1:53
Weather: sunny, 70-76 degrees
Avg HR: 146 (max 176)
Type: aerobic

A ride from my mom’s house, up Emigration Canyon and part of the way up East Canyon. My time up Emigration Canyon (from the park at the mouth to the top of Little Mountain Summit) was 30:30 – less than a minute slower than my best time up the same distance back in high school, when I was a ski racer (29:41).

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