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workout log: 4 august 2007

False summit of AlleghenyActivity: road cycling
Location: Monterey, VA > Frankklin, WV > Cherry Grove, WV > Hightown, VA > Monterey
Distance: 100.6 miles (very hilly)
Duration: 6:03
Weather: partly cloudy and very humid, 70-83 degrees
Avg HR: 140 (max 174)
Type: aerobic

The 2007 edition of the Mountain Mama Road Bike Challenge is in the books, and it was better than last year. I was with the lead group for the first 30 miles, then dropped the pace a bit and enjoyed the rest. The scenery was, as last year, beautiful, though the humidity level was higher by a significant amount (especially in the valleys). I had the advantage of riding the course last year, so I was ready for the false summit on Allegheny Mountain (pictured). My only hang-ups were a stubborn rear cog that made using certain gears nigh-on-impossible, and hot spots on my feet that caused intense pain for the last 20-or-so miles.

But as I said earlier: I wasn’t trying to go for a personal record on this course, so the pains were just a nuisance (though, in all fairness, coming in around 6 hours on a course with over 13,700 feet of climbing is nothing to sneeze at). I had time to take pictures, to enjoy the scenery, and to talk and joke with other riders. I saw wildlife and waved at the motorcyclists who also enjoyed the hills (and, more often than not, they waved back and smiled).

A tired and happy groupThe level of organization on this ride is superb, and the course is one of the best I’ve ever ridden. I also got to ride with a lot of my friends, which is even more fun. After the ride was over an we had all cleaned up, we celebrated with a pot-luck picnic on the balcony of a local inn. Much wine, beer, pasta, veggies and dessert was enjoyed as the sun disappeared over the Appalachian horizon, another Mountain Mama Road Bike Challenge conquered.

ETA: You can read Darren’s account of the ride here. He also snapped some fun pictures.


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  1. I’m glad you had such a good time.

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