It’s been a lovely Labor Day weekend. The combination of no obligations and perfect weather has added up to good times.

Friday evening, sprite and I met up with a bunch of friends for the final installation of Jazz at the Sculpture Garden, down on the Mall. We had a lot of friends show up, which made conversation a bit tougher than normal, but it was a good time and a perfect evening to wrap up the series.

Yesterday, I rode the Bay Country Century (to make up for last week’s aborted attempt at the Reston Century), and it was a perfect day for riding. sprite rested the day away, which is good as she needed the rest. Once I returned from Maryland, I took a long nap (2 hours), after which I enjoyed catching up with my friend, Penny, who just moved to Chicago. In the evening, sprite and I watched Brigadoon, a somewhat cheesy but entertaining 1954 musical starring Gene Kelly, Van Johnson and Cyd Charisse, as we ate pizza from Sette.

Today has been a relatively kick-back day. After a restless night’s sleep (one of our cats has a hairball and gets quite affectionate in such a state, so she woke us up around 5:00 am), we went to the Dupont Freshfarm market and bought produce, baked goods, cheese and yogurt. Since then, we’ve relaxed the whole day. We may go to the pool, may not – but we’ll definitely go tomorrow, as that’s the last day for DC P&R pools (and yes, it’s a stupidly short season for said facilities).

Tomorrow morning, I go riding with the PPTC gang on their Labor Day metric century (100 km/62 miles). Other than that, who knows?