Activity: road cycling
Location: Harwood, MD > lots of bayside hamlets > Harwood
Distance: 65.6 miles (rolling hills)
Duration: 3:05
Weather: sunny, 70-83 degrees
Avg HR: 142 (max 170)
Type: aerobic

PPTC “Traditional Labor Day Metric” from Harwood, MD. There was great turnout for this ride, which was listed for multiple classes. And the weather, as was the case all weekend, was perfect for cycling.

I ended up riding solo off the front for the first 20-or-so miles, being met by Wolfgang and a bunch of ABRT racers about a mile from the single rest stop, where we caught up with Joyce and Roger, who were riding their tandem. After the rest stop, there were quite a few of us up front, including Wolfgang, Joyce & Roger, Al and Tim, as well as the ABRT guys. Soon enough, I broke off the front with Wolfgang and the ABRT gang, with Joyce and Roger in hot pursuit. In the end, Wolfgang and the racers pulled away (about 3 miles from the finish), but I finished only 2 or 3 minutes behind them. It was a fast ride, and I felt great after – lots of fuel left in the tank.