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Day: December 3, 2007

where’d his political rants go?

Want to see ’em? Go here, to my more politically-oriented site. Heading in to 2008, that’s where I’ll post my political opinions.

(And yes, I’ll build a link off of this site soon.)

a fine weekend… now where’s my bike?

The past week was chock full of house cleaning.

TONS of house cleaning.

It’s as if we’d taken our apartment, turned it upside-down, shaken it out, sorted the crap, then put most of it back together again.

The remainder either became:

  1. Goodwill donations.
  2. Recycling fodder.
  3. Offerings to the shredder.

It was worth doing, even if it made both of us sneeze, cough, whine and bitch a lot.

After all, we had our Annual Arboreal Adornment last night, and it was a great success. We got to share our tree trimming with many friends, and what’s better than that?

Now all I need to do is re-discover the bike to keep the holiday pounds at bay.

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