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Day: March 4, 2008

a message to the young folks in the u.s.

If you want to affect change in government, have a say in the future of the U.S. policies both at home and abroad, and have a right to complain when things don’t go the way you want them to:


I’m just a bit miffed that the young folk didn’t turn out to vote in Texas and Ohio. Where’d Obama’s ground game go? Is Hillary not appealing to the young set? It’s very sad that the young folk are leaving the decisions to their parents’ and grandparents’ generations – the very ones they rebel against as teens and try to improve upon in their 20s and 30s.

Are the young folk just too saturated with the ads, the robocalls and phone bankers, the almost hourly spam from yet another campaign surrogate? I know it’s a lot of noise, overwhelming at times, and delivered with zero tact or strategy, in many cases.

At any rate, I certainly wish that more young people would get involved – even if it’s just to vote.

And for those who say “but they’re there, on the dais, behind the candidates when they speak”: these people you see are planted there on purpose. Nothing about these assemblies, and the people within camera shot, is left to chance.

Oy. And so the Democratic nominating race trudges on.

So to the young folk in states that have yet to participate in the nominating process: get out there, exercise your right and vote, dammit!

workout log: 4 march 2008

Activity: road cycling
Location: Hains Point (laps)
Distance: 24.4 miles
Duration: 1:21
Weather: partly cloudy, warm and breezy (pre-dawn), 56-58 degrees
Avg HR: 135 (max 172)
Type: aerobic

Pre-dawn laps at Hains Point. Supposed to ride with Mike S., but started earlier than usual, so I was probably 1/2 lap ahead of him. I felt really strong this morning, and topped 34 mph on the backside sprint on my penultimate lap.

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