Activity: road cycling
Location: Dupont Circle > Reston > Alexandria > Dupont Circle
Distance: 47.7 miles
Duration: 2:57
Weather: sunny and chilly with a headwind out to Reston, 39-43 degrees
Avg HR: 140 (max 165)
Type: aerobic

A chilly yet fun trip on the W&OD and Four Mile Run trails, done in the late-afternoon sunshine. I wanted to get in a ride over 40 miles (still building base miles with the skiing-filled winter starting to wane), and this fit the bill. The cold weather kept a lot of people off of the W&OD, which is good, as I was making very good time back from Reston (think “tailwind”). I felt strong, though there’s still a bit of rust. And the ZX3 is getting better, though I still have to figure out how to silence the bottom bracket (which is adjusted to spec, as are the crankset and chainring bolts).