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Day: March 14, 2008

made me laugh so hard…

… I cried. Really.

Turn down your speakers after the count-in – it’s loud.

friday my:dc : footy

BB's flagsThis Tuesday, the sole remaining tenant at RFK Stadium – DC United – opens its home season against Jamaica’s Harbour View FC in a CONCACAF Champions Cup quarterfinal match. I’ll be there to see it all.

One of the best aspects of footy games at RFK Stadium is watching the two booster clubs – the Screaming Eagles and Barra Brava – raise a ruckus over in the floating seats on the north side of the pitch. These seats can be moved, depending on the kind of event taking place (handy when RFK hosted football and baseball games, irrelevant now that the Nats have their own, new ballpark), and this mobility makes them particularly springy. Add in the synchronized jumping of hundreds of loud, sometimes drunken fans, and the whole section bounces. It’s fun to watch from across the way.

Add to that the flag, smoke bombs, streamers and chants, and it’s almost like being in a minor league Premiership game. Okay, perhaps not, but it’s DC’s most successful sports franchise of the past 20 years.

pondering this season’s big rides

Spring is definitely in bloom here in DC. There are flowers on the ground and buds (and even a few flowers) on the trees. The birds are singing songs of joy, and the cats are restless.

And though the ski season isn’t over for me yet – I still have trips planned to Utah and Colorado – the local hills are calling it a season after this Sunday. So it’s time to look forward toward the cycling season ahead.

Right now, there are four big rides that are in the “gonna happen” column:

I’m also toying with the idea of riding Mountains of Misery over Memorial Day weekend. It would be quite the ramp in riding to get into riding shape for said ride, but I think it’s totally possible. The ride comes in two flavors – 100 and 124 miles – so there are options, and both routes end with the 1er categorie climb up Snowshoe Mountain. It would certainly make up for my missing Mountain Mama, which falls the same weekend as the Shasta ride.

So I’m pondering. There’s a lot of open space in June and July for some epic rides.

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